राजकीय इंजीनियरिंग कॉलेज, अम्बेडकर नगर

Government Engineering College approved by AICTE & affiliated to Dr. APJAKTU, Lucknow. (College Code 737)

Faculty of Applied Science and Humanities

Name : Dr. Vishal Singh Chandel
Designation : Professor & Head Department APSH
Qualifications : Ph. D.
Experiences : 18 Years
Area of Interest : Dielectric and electro-optical properties of dye, polymer, nano particle and quantum dot doped nematic, and ferroelectric liquid crystals. Dielectric and optical properties of Alkali Titanates (Sodium and Potassium) and oxides for microelectronic, sensing and soot removal applications.
E-mail : chandel.integral@gmail.com

Name : Dr. Amit Kumar Singh
Designation : Assistant Professor (Mathematics)
Qualifications : JRF (NET), GATE (208 AIR), Ph.D. (IIT, BHU) Post-Doctorate (ISI, Kolkata)
Experiences : 07 Years
Research Work : 11 International Papers in Highly Reputed Journals
Area of Interest : Fuzzy Mathematics, Decision making Theory (OWA Operators), Numerical Methods to solve ODE and PDE
E-mail : amitkitbhu@gmail.com

Name : Dr. Sushant Chaturvedi
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualifications : Ph D. NET
Experiences : 05 Years
Area of Interest : My area of research interest lies in Literary Theory, American Fiction and Communication Skills. I also take keen interest in delivering lectures on personality development for students to help them secure good career. I am a lover of Shakespeare too.
E-mail : sushant1313@gmail.com

Name : Mr. Vivekanand Singh
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualifications :
  • M.TECH (Production Engineering) from I.I.T. Delhi
  • B.TECH (Industrial Production Engineering) from I.E.R.T. Allahabad
Experiences : More than 4 years
Research Work : Electro-Discharge Machining (EDM) of Conducting Ceramic
Area of Interest : Manufacturing science, Non-Conventional Manufacturing Processes, Computer Aided Manufacturing and Basic Thermodynamics.
E-mail : vivekasingh888@gmail.com

Name : Dr. Shailesh Kumar Srivastava
Designation : Assistant Professor (Mathematics)
Qualifications : Ph.D. (IIT Roorkee, India)
Experiences : 3 year
Area of Interest : Trigonometric Fourier Approximation
E-mail : shaileshiitr2010@gmail.com

Name : Dr. Saurabh Srivastava
Designation : Assistant Professor (Physics)
Qualifications : JRF (NET), Ph.D. (BHU, Varanasi), Post-Doctorate (1. UGC-Dr. D.S. Kothari Postdoctorate Research Fellow, DTU Delhi, 2. DST-INSPIRE Faculty, DTU Delhi)
Experiences : 4 Years
Research Work : 20 International Papers in Highly Reputed Journals
Area of Interest : Nanomaterials, Graphene, Biosensor
E-mail : saurabhnpl@gmail.com

Name : Dr. Devendra Pratap Mishra
Designation : Assistant Professor (Chemistry)
Qualifications : Ph.D.
Experiences : 6 Years
Area of Interest : Medicinal Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
E-mail : devmishra21@gmail.com

Name : Dr. Prabhudatt Dwivedi
Designation : Assistant Professor (Management)
Qualifications : MMS, Ph.D (MNNIT, Allahabad)
Experiences : 16 Years
Area of Interest : Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour,
Human Values, Industrial Management, Economics,
Small and Medium Enterprises
E-mail : prabhudatt_d@yahoo.co.in

Name : Dr. Amit Kumar Pandey
Designation : Assistant Professor (Electronics)
Qualifications : M. Tech. (NIT, Allahabad), Ph.D. (NIT, Allahabad)
Experiences : 9 years of teaching experience
Area of Interest : VLSI circuits, Low Power VLSI Design
E-mail : amitkumarpandey1@gmail.com

Name : Dr. Ashok Kumar Upadhyaya
Designation : Assistant Professor (Mathematics)(Contractual)
Qualifications : M.Sc. and Ph.D. (Mathematics)
Experiences : 9 years of teaching experience
Area of Interest : Hydrodynamic and magneto hydrodynamic turbulence
E-mail : ashokupadhyaya1965@gmail.com

Name : Dr. Sattey Prakash
Designation : Assistant Professor (Chemistry)(Contractual)
Qualifications : MSc. (KNI:PSS Sultanpur), Ph.D. (IIT Kanpur), Post-doc (IIT Kanpur)
Experiences : 8 years of teaching experience and Research
Area of Interest : Organic Light Emitting Diodes(OLEDs),Organic Solar Cell (OSC), Synthesis of Small molecules and Polymer materials for Devices, Nanomaterials, Organic electronics
E-mail : sprakashg.meena@gmail.com