राजकीय इंजीनियरिंग कॉलेज, अम्बेडकर नगर

Government Engineering College approved by AICTE & affiliated to Dr. APJAKTU, Lucknow. (College Code 737)


Sr.No. Designation Name E-Mail-ID Phone No
1 Director Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra director@recabn.ac.in +91-9454439590
2 Registrar Prof. Vishal Singh Chandel (Officiating) registrar@recabn.ac.in, registrar.recabn@gmail.com +91-9452862475
3 Account Officer Sri Jagropan Ram ———- +91-9648271404
4 Coordinator Social Awareness Activities Dr. S.P.Singh drspsingh@recabn.ac.in, singhsurya12@gmail.com +91-9451051969
5 Head of Department Electrical Engineering Dr. S. P. Singh hodee@recabn.ac.in, singhsurya12@gmail.com +91-9451051969
6 Head of Department Information Technology Dr. Sudhakar Tripathi hodit@recabn.ac.in, p.stripathi@gmail.com +91-8544401883
7 Head of Department Civil Engineering Mr. Ayush Mittal hodce@recabn.ac.in, ayushmittalce0012@gmail.com +91-9580456422
8 Head of Department Applied SC. & Hum. Department Prof. Vishal Singh Chandel hodapsh@recabn.ac.in, chandel.integral@gmail.com +91-9452862475
9 Coordinator NBA Dr. Sudhakar Tripathi stripathi@recabn.ac.in, p.stripathi@gmail.com +91-8544401883
10 Dean Academic Affairs Dr. S.P.Singh dacademics@recabn.ac.in, singhsurya12@gmail.com +91-9451051969
11 Associate Dean Academic Affairs Mr. Amit Kumar Rai adacademics@recabn.ac.in, amitkrrai2943@gmail.com +91-7503334676
12 Dean of Faculty Affairs Prof. Vishal Singh Chandel dfw@recabn.ac.in, chandel.integral@gmail.com +91-9452862475
13 Dean of Student Welfare Dr. Sudhakar Tripathi dsw@recabn.ac.in, p.stripathi@gmail.com +91-8544401883
14 Associate Dean Faculty Affairs Dr. Prabhudatt Dwivedi prabhudatt.d@yahoo.co.in +91-9999870380
15 Associate Dean of Student Welfare Dr. Arif Iqbal adsw@recabn.ac.in, arif0548@gmail.com/a> +91-7567978865
16 Dean International Affairs Dr. Sudhakar Tripathi dia@recabn.ac.in, p.stripathi@gmail.com +91-8544401883
17 Associate Dean International Affairs Dr. Sanjay Agrawal adia@recabn.ac.in, sanjay.ucer2009@gmail.com +91-7309236277
18 lC. Training & Placement (Career Development) Mr. Amit Kumar tpo.recabn@gmail.com +91-8505923658
19 Dean Research & Development Dr. Sudhakar Tripathi drd@recabn.ac.in, p.stripathi@gmail.com +91-8544401883
20 Associate Dean Research & Development Dr. Amit Kumar Singh adrd@recabn.ac.in, amitkitbhu@gmail.com +91-8979426185
21 Chief Vigilance Officer Mr. Vikas Patel cvo@recabn.ac.in, its.vikas17@gmail.com +91-9454110223
22 lC. Maintenance Mr. Vivekanand Singh icm@recabn.ac.in, vivekasingh888@gmail.com +91-9654093681
23 I/C Maintenance (Civil) Mr. Nitin Kumar Sukla nitinshukla000@gmail.com +91-9454613462
24 I/C Electrical Maintenance (Electrical ) Dr. Mohd. Aslam Husain icem@recabn.ac.in, mahusain87@gmail.com +91-9451663915
25 Chairman CSA Dr. Devendra Pratap Mishra ccsa@recabn.ac.in, devmishra21@gmail.com +91-8127963298
26 Controller of Examination Prof. Vishal Singh Chandel coe@recabn.ac.in, chandel.integral@gmail.com +91-9452862475
27 lC. Library Mr. Yudhishthir Pandey icl@recabn.ac.in, yudhishthir.pandey@gmail.com +91-7982535159
28 lC. Library (Additional) Dr. Ashok Kumar Upadhyay aicl@recabn.ac.in, ashokupadhyaya1965@gmail.com +91-9450490161
29 lC. Remedial Classes & Skill Development Dr. Sushant Chaturvedi icrcsd@recabn.ac.in, sushant1313@gmail.com +91-9999870380
30 lC. House Allotment Committee Dr. Saurabh Srivastava ichac@recabn.ac.in, saurabhnpl@gmail.com +91-9015852402
31 Dy. Controller of Examination Mr. Manjeet Singh singhmanjeet507@gmail.com +91-7408618019
32 Coordinator of Digital Education Mr. Ashish Kumar Mishra akmishra@recabn.ac.in +91-7905876474
33 Addl. Controller of Examination Mr. Sharad Verma acoe@recabn.ac.in, sharadlnx@gmail.com +91-9968131592
34 O.C. Guest House Mr. Prince Rajpoot icgh@recabn.ac.in, princeraj2904@gmail.com +91-9670902128
35 O.C. Class Rooms Mr. Lokesh Kumar Yadav lokeshyadav053@gmail.com +91-8874743733
36 O.C. Vehicle Dr. Saurabh Srivastava saurabhnpl@gmail.com +91-9015852402
37 Public Information Officer Registrar registrar@recabn.ac.in +91-9452862475
38 Additional Public Information Officer Dr. Prabhudatt Dwivedi prabhudatt.d@yahoo.co.in +91-9999870380
39 Workshop In-charge Mr. Vivekanand Singh vivekasingh888@gmail.com +91-9999870380
40 O.C. Central Store Ms. Vaishali Rajbhar iccs@recabn.ac.in, vo9161@gmail.com ——————–
41 O.C. Central Store (Additional) Mr. Anoop Kumar Verma aiccs@recabn.ac.in, anoopcl09012@gmail.com 7376202644
42 O.C. Security Mr. Vikas Patel its.vikas17@gmail.com +91-9454110223
43 O.C. Purchase Mr. Amit Kumar er.kumaramit2009@gmail.com +91-8505923658
44 Coordinator TEQIP-lll Dr. S.P.Singh cteqip@recabn.ac.in, singhsurya12@gmail.com +91-9451051969
45 O.C. Procurement TEQIP-lll Mr. Puneet Joshi nopteqip@recabn.ac.in, puneet.joshi07@gmail.com +91-9012872877
46 Co-Coordinator NBA Mr. Amit Kumar Rai amitkrrai2943@gmail.com +91-9012872877
47 Co-Coordinator of Digital Education Mr. Shivendu Mishra shivendu0584@gmail.com +91-9506035413
48 Co-Coordinator Social Awareness Activities Mr. Avaeesh Kumar Yadav avaneeshyadav99@gmail.com +91-9506035413
49 Nodal Officer Academic TEQIP-III Mr. Amit Kumar Rai amitkrrai2943@gmail.com +91-9012872877
50 Nodal Officer of financial TEQIP-III Dr. Mohd. Aslam Husain mahusain87@gmail.com +91-9451663915
51 l/C. Internet Operation & Maintenance Mr. Shivendu Mishra iciom@recabn.ac.in, shivendu0584@gmail.com +91-9506035413
52 Additional Officer I.C. Internet Operation & Maintenance Mr. Ashish Kumar Mishra aiciom@recabn.ac.in, akmishra@recabn.ac.in +91-7905876474
53 l/C. Website Hosting & Management Mr. Ashish Kumar Mishra icwhm@recabn.ac.in, akmishra@recabn.ac.in +91-7905876474
54 Additional l/C. Website Hosting & Management Mr. Shivendu Mishra aicwhm@recabn.ac.in, shivendu0584@gmail.com +91-9506035413
55 l/C. Horticulture & Upkeep of Campus Mr. Lokesh Kumar Yadav lokeshyadav053@gmail.com +91-8874743733
56 Additional l/C. Horticulture & Upkeep of Campus Mr. Nitin Kumar Sukla nitinshukla000@gmail.com +91-9454613462
57 Equity Action Plan Coordinator Mr. Anoop Kumar Verma anoopcl09012@gmail.com +91-7376202644
58 Coordinator GATE Mr. Ayush Mittal ayushmittalce0012@gmail.com +91-9450618343
59 Start-up Coordinator Mr. Vikas Patel & Mr. Sonu Kumar cscic@recabn.ac.in, its.vikas17@gmail.com +91-9454110223
60 Curriculum Reform Coordinator Mr. Ayush Mittal ayushmittalce0012@gmail.com +91-9450618343
61 OI/C Admin Dr. Devendra Pratap Mishra devmishra21@gmail.com +91-8127963298
62 OI/C Account’s & Purchase Mr. Sharad Verma sharadlnx@gmail.com +91-9968131592
63 SAYAM & SWAYAM PRABHA Coordinator Mr. Shivendu Mishra shivendu0584@gmail.com +91-9506035413
64 Industry Institute Interaction Coordinator Mr. Sharad Verma sharadlnx@gmail.com +91-9968131592
65 Faculty Coordinator
Faculty Coordinator Placement Mr. Amit Kumar er.kumaramit2009@gmail.com +91-8505923658
Faculty Coordinator Training & Workshop Mr. Nitin Kumar Shukla nitinshukla000@gmail.com +91-9454613462
Faculty Coordinator Internship Mr. Sharad Verma sharadlnx@gmail.com +91-9968131592
66 Deptt. Representatives for Career Development Cell
Civil Engineering Department Mr. Ayush Mittal ayushmittalce0012@gmail.com +91-9450618343
Electrical Engineering Department Mr.Sonu Kumar sonujssate@gmail.com +91-7376935446
Information Technology Department Mr. Shivendu Mishra shivendu0584@gmail.com +91-9506035413
67 Faculty Coordinator alumni affairs
Dean Student’s Welfare Mr. Amit Kumar Rai ,Mr. Sonu Kumar fcaa@recabn.ac.in, amitkrrai2943@gmail.com +91-7503334676


l/C. Institute Industry Interaction Cell
Civil Engineering Department Mrs. Poonam Singh & Mr. Amit Kumar Rai poonam.credence@gmail.com —————–
Information Technology Department Mr. Sharad Verma & Mr. Amit Kumar sharadlnx@gmail.com +91-9968131592
Electrical Engineering Department Mr. Vikas Patel & Mr. Yudhishthir Pandey its.vikas17@gmail.com +91-9454110223


Officer l/C. Time Table
Deptt. Representatives
Applied Sc. & Hum. Department Mr. Vivekanand Singh sushant1313@gmail.com +91-9140966710
Civil Engineering Department Ms. Vaishali Rajbhar vo9161@gmail.com ——————–
Information Technology Department Mr. Ramesh Chand Pandey rameshcse19@gmail.com +91-8004983754
Electrical Engineering Department Mr. Vikas Patel its.vikas17@gmail.com +91-9454110223
70 Chief Warden Dr. Amit Kumar Singh cwb@recabn.ac.in, amitkitbhu@gmail.com +91-8979426185
71 Warden Boys Hostels
Ambedkar Hostel Mr.Vikas Patel its.vikas17@gmail.com +91-9454110223
Lohiya Hostel Dr. Shailesh Kumar Srivastava shailesiitr2010@gmail.com +91-9760197682
Gandhi Hostel Dr. Arif Iqbal arif0548@gmail.com +91-7567978865
Atal Hostel Mr. Prince Rajpoot princeraj2904@gmail.com +91-9670902128
72 Assistant Warden Boys Hostels
Atal Hostel Mr. Sharad Verma sharadlnx@gmail.com +91-9968131592
73 Caretaker of Boys Hostels
Atal Hostel Mr. Akhil Pratap Singh ————- ————-

Wardens A.S Girls Hostel


Ms. Vaishali Rajbhar vo9161@gmail.com ——————–
Mrs. Poonam Singh poonam.credence@gmail.com —————–


Conveners of the CSA
Technical Council Dr. Arif Iqbal arif0548@gmail.com +91-7567978865
Sports Council Mr. Ashish Kumar Mishra akmishra@recabn.ac.in +91-7905876474
Literary Council Dr. Sushant Chaturvedi sushant1313@gmail.com +91-9140966710
Cultural Council Mr. Shivendra Kumar Pandey shivaiert@gmail.com +91-8527853396
Hobby Club Mr. Amit Kumar Pandey amitkumarpandey1@gmail.com +91-8004018850
Photography & Fine Art Club Mr. Sharad Verma sharadlnx@gmail.com +91-9968131592
76 Co-Conveners of the CSA
Sports Council Ms. Vaishali Rajbhar vo9161@gmail.com ——————–
Culture Council Mrs. Poonam Singh poonam.credence@gmail.com —————–
Photography & Fine Art Club Ms. Kumkum Dubey dubeykumkum0607@gmail.com ——————
77 Students Counsellors’ for
All Non first year Students Mr. Yudhishthir Pandey yudhishthir.pandey@gmail.com +91-7982535159
Civil Engineering First Year Mr. Ayush Mittal ayushmittalce0012@gmail.com +91-9450618343
Information Technology First Year Mr. Ashish Kumar Mishra akmishra@recabn.ac.in +91-7905876474
Electrical Engineering First Year Dr. Puneet Joshi puneet.joshi07@gmail.com +91-9012872877
78 Proctorial Board
Chief Proctor Dr. Amit Kumar Singh cp@recabn.ac.in, amitkitbhu@gmail.com +91-8979426185
Proctor Mr. Ashish Kumar Mishra akmishra@recabn.ac.in +91-7905876474
Proctor Mr. Nitin Kumar Shukla nitinshukla000@gmail.com +91-9454613462
Proctor Mr. Yudhishthir Pandey yudhishthir.pandey@gmail.com +91-7982535159
Proctor Mrs. Poonam Singh poonam.credence@gmail.com —————-
Proctor Dr. Shailesh Kumar Srivastava shailesiitr2010@gmail.com +91-9760197682
Proctor Mr. Vivekanand Singh vivekasingh888@gmail.com +91-9654093681
Proctor Mr. Anoop kumar Verma anoopcl09012@gmail.com +91-7376202644
79 Co-Coordinator TEQIP-lll Dr. Saurabh Srivastava saurabhnpl@gmail.com +91-9015852402
80 Co-Coordinator Procurement TEQIP-lll Ms. Vaishali Rajbhar vo9161@gmail.com —————-
81 Coordinator,Improvements of Language Competency,Soft Skill and Confidence Level Dr. Sushant Chaturvedi sushant1313@gmail.com +91-9140966710