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Government Engineering College approved by AICTE & affiliated to Dr. APJAKTU, Lucknow. (College Code 737)


Lab EE


Electrical Engineering currently offers one laboratory course to all undergraduate students and thirteen additional laboratory courses to only Electrical Engineering undergraduate students. Experiments include basic studies of characteristics of semiconductor devices, active filters & Schmitt trigger, digital circuits, building counters & shift registers, timer circuits and analog-to-digital converters, microprocessor and microcontroller based experiments, characteristics of electrical motors and generators, speed control of motors, performance of various power electronic converters.

Laboratory also includes different technical software that is being used for several undergraduate laboratories and project work. The laboratory is equipped with digital storage oscilloscopes, digital multi-meters and IC testers, universal IC Programmer, Precision Magnetics Analyzer and all other electrical engineering laboratory utilities.

  1. Electrical Engineering Lab

  2. Electromechanical Energy Conversion-I and II Lab

  3. Electrical Measurement & Measuring Instruments Lab

  4. Numerical Technique Lab

  5. Electronics Lab

  6. Network Lab

  7. Instrumentation Lab

  8. Power Electronics Lab

  9. Control System Lab

  10. Microprocessor Lab

  11. Advanced Simulation Lab

  12. Power System Lab

  13. Electrical CAD Lab

  14. Electric Drives Lab

General Rules and Responsibilities of Student, Lab Attendant, Laboratory Teaching Assistant in the Laboratory